14th Micronesia-Japan Student Exchange Program

The National Institute for Youth Education (NIYE) is in charge of the annual Micronesia -Japan Student Exchange Program, which includes the FSM, Palau and the Marshalls. This year NIYE, invited 15 students and 3 chaperons each, totaling a 72 member-delegation from the four states of the FSM for the inbound portion of the exchange program. The increase of number from 10 last year to 15 this year from each state under NIYE’s project coincides with the 50th anniversary of the founding of the National Memorial Olympic Youth Center, where NIYE is also located.

The students and chaperons, accompanied by staff of the hosting program, had an opportunity to visit the FSM Embassy and were welcomed by the entire staff. They were first briefed by Ambassador Fritz on the ongoing FSM-Japan relationship and current programs, and later took part in a friendly question and answer session. The students and chaperon had the rare opportunity to mingle and view first-hand FSM’s branch office in Tokyo, and the people working in it.

The students also visited and took part in a cultural exchange program with students of Shoto Junior High School in Tokyo, where each island groups performed their culture and dances to the students of the hosting school. On their visit to the Japan Diet Building, the Honorable Yoshiro Mori, the former Prime Minister of Japan, welcomed the delegations. On later dates, the students were divided into groups and were sent to various locations in Japan where they home-stayed with Japanese families and further conducted exchanges with students of each respective region.

At the farewell reception, the Honorable Keiji Furuya, the chairman of the FSM-Japan Parliamentary Friendship League, bid the students farewell and encouraged them to look at the opportunity to study in Japan in the future, and to strengthen the friendly relationship between the Micronesia region and Japan.


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Konan City Miyata Junior High School

(Right)Group photo in Ambassador’s office (Left)Presenting Certificate of Appreciation

A group of 10 students and an accompanying teacher from Miyata Junior High School of Konan City, Aichi Prefecture visited the Embassy as part of their social education program and were welcomed by Ambassador Fritz and staff members. The students were given a short presentation to orient them on the FSM and the current relationship with Japan, and later took part in a question and answer session with Ambassador Fritz.

Later two group leaders of the students were called to Ambassador’s room to be given a certificate of appreciation from Ambassador Fritz, as Miyata Junior High School, along with four (4) other schools of Konan City had organized fund-raising events to assist in the disaster relief soon after the super typhoon Maysak hit the FSM.

~~~~ Background information ~~~~

Konan City of Aichi Prefecture and the FSM enjoy a decade-long relationship which dates back to the Aichi World Exposition of 2005. The Konan City Community College has signed an MOU with COM-FSM, and the City has been actively sending junior high school students to the FSM states as part of their exchange program. Over the years, the City has also donated various sports equipments through the Konan Sport Association. This year, a total of 712,523 yen was donated by the Konan Municipal Government and the 5 Junior High Schools to assist in the relief efforts in the aftermath of the super typhoon Maysak.


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The 8th President elected

On May 11, 2015, the 19th Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia elected H.E. Peter M. Christian from the State of Pohnpei as the 8th President of the Nation. The Honorable Yoshiwo P. George form the State of Kosrae will serve as the Vice President.


The various Standing Committee organization is as follows:

Senator Isaac V. Figir: Standing Committee on Ways and Means

Senator Paliknoa K. Welly: Standing Committee on External Affairs

Senator Tiwiter Aritos: Standing Committee on Judiciary and Governmental Operations

Senator David W. Panuelo: Standing Committee on Resources and Development

Senator Victor Vicky Gouland: Standing Committee on Transportation and Communication

Senator Joseph J. Urusemal: Standing Committee on Education

Senator Bonsiano Fasy Nethon: Standing Committee on Health and Social Affairs


The 19th Congress elected the Honorable Wesley W. Simina from the State of Chuuk as the Speaker.

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Students from Ryogoku Jr. High

On the 30th of April, 5 student from Ryogoku Junior High School visited the Embassy as part of their social and international education program. The group was given an orientation from Economic Attache Mr. Kunio Suenaga on historical and cultural background of the FSM and the existing bond shared with Japan. The students, who were aware of the ongoing affects by typhoon, showed keen interest in traditional survival knowledge and voiced their questions in English during a Q&A session.

After the orientation, the Deputy Chief of Mission, Mr. Renster P. Andrew thanked the students for choosing the FSM Embassy for their program and urged them to visit the islands in the near future.

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スーパー台風4号(Super Typhoon Maysak)災害義捐金について


みずほ銀行 神谷町(かみやちょう)支店
ミクロネシア連邦災害義援金口 (ミクロネシアレンポウサイガイギエンキングチ)



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台風4号(Typhoon Maysak)における非常事態宣言






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The 13th Micronesia-Japan Student Exchange Program

The 13th Micronesia – Japan Student Exchange Program conducted by the National Institute for Youth Education (NIYE) completed its annual program which began June 15th -June 27th, 2014. The nearly two weeks in bound program was represented by 10 students and 2 accompanying chaperons from each States.

The students and chaperons underwent a hectic schedule, ranging from taking part in sports events, a visit to the parliament, and exchange with Junior High School students in Tokyo, among many other activities. They also had the opportunity to visit the northern and western regions of Japan, and home-stayed  for a night.

Since last year, the program has seen a new modification where a visit to the Embassy was also included in the schedule. This year a total of 42 visitors from the FSM along with a handful of NIYE staff and volunteers came to see the Embassy. Each State was welcomed and had an opportunity to take photo with Ambassador Fritz and the staff.

In mid July, a total of 16 Japanese students are scheduled to visit the FSM as the out bound portion of this program.


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Student Visits June 2014

As part of the grass root diplomacy mandate, the Embassy accepts student visits from all over Japan every year. This year two groups visited the mission; one group of three young ladies from the Kariya Minami Junior High School in Aichi Prefecture, and one group of six from the Haraichi Junior High School of Saitama Prefecture.

(Students from the Haraichi Junior High School posing with Ambassador Fritz)

The three young ladies from the Kariya Minami Junior High School showed interest in the food culture of the FSM, and also posed questions on what kind of extra-curricular acitivities taken by students of their age in the FSM. Similarly, the students from Haraichi Junior High School were interested in the cultural aspect of the islands – more specifically on the dances performed in the FSM. After a short presentation by Economic Attaché Suenaga to orient the students, and a Q&A session with the Ambassador, each group had the opportunity to try out some local attires with ornaments for a photo session.

(Students from Kariya-Minami Jr High School with Chargé Kusayanagi)

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Xavier High School International Student Scholarship

(Ambassador John Fritz, Father Rich MacAuliff, APIC President Yoshiyasu Sato, APIC Counselor Shoji Sato)


On April 3rd 2014, Ambassador John Fritz attended the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Father Rich MacAuliff SJ, the Director of Xavier High Shool, President Takashi Hayashita of Sophia University, and President Yoshiyasu “Peter” Sato of the Association for Promotion of International Cooperation (APIC). Also present for the memorable signing was Ambassador Francis Matsutaro of the Republic of Palau to Japan, who himself is a graduate of the Mabuchi Hill.

(Father Rich and President Hayashita)


Under this MOU, Sophia University will be accepting a student from Xavier High School annually beginning the Autumn Semester of 2014. The scholarship will be jointly covered by the University and APIC.

(Father Rich delivering a speech)


Early this year, APIC President Mr. Yoshiyasu Sato (former Ambassador to China) and APIC Counselor Mr. Shoji Sato (former Ambassador to FSM) visited the FSM and met President Emanuel “Manny” Mori and the management of Xavier High School to formalize the initiative.

(After signing the MOU)

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Further Enhancing Kochi-FSM Relationship

Ambassador John Fritz visited Kochi Prefecture from January 29-31. This visit was intended for a series of follow up meetings with key players of the Kochi-Pohnpei direct flight which took place in October 2013, and to further look into possible opportunities to enhance industrial, technical, and educational exchanges with the Prefecture. Kochi Prefecture is the home of the late Koben Mori, founder of the Mori Family of Chuuk State.

Soon upon arrival, a  meeting was prepared with Mr. Hajime Okamura, the Chairman of Kochi University of Techonology, Mr. Taketo Sakuma, the President,  Mr. Masahiko Isobe, Vice-President, and several directors and heads of departments. At the meeting, a full scholarship program designed for Doctoral candidates was introduced in hopes of suitable applicants from FSM. Later, Ambassador was toured around campus, including the newly constructed International House where international students reside for the whole duration of their study as part of the scholarship offer.

In the evening a welcoming reception was hosted by the Honorable Farmer Doi, Chairman of Kochi-Micronesia Friendship Association who is also a member of Kochi Prefectural Assembly. At the reception were several members who took part in the Kochi-Pohnpei flight, including the Deputy Governor of Kochi Prefecture, Mr. Iwaki.

The second day began with a series of courtesy calls and meetings. The first meeting of the day was with the Mayor of Kochi City Mr. Seiya Okazaki, the Deputy Mayor Mr. Nakajima, and his staff. Mayor Okazaki along with Deputy Mayor Nakajima who took part in the direct flight, were eager for further exchanges between the City and FSM.

The second meeting was arranged between Ambassador and the Speaker of Kochi Prefectural Assembly, the Honorable Mr. Morita and 6 other assembly members who took part in the direct flight. Frank discussion was exchanged in creating more flight opportunities between FSM and Kochi, in a way that will be beneficial to both parties.

The next meeting was held between Mr. Doi, Mr. Yamazaki, and Mr. Yamamoto of the Kochi-Micronesia Friendship Association. The agenda concentrated on further developing FSM-Kochi relationship, in various fields ranging from educational to business exchanges. The Association was the key player in pushing forward the direct charter flight to Pohnpei.

Later Ambassador was escorted to the Makino Botanical Garden where he received the welcoming of the Assistant Director Mr. Seiichi Irifuku and his staff. Ambassador was toured through the facilities and inspected the young breadfruit trees presented to the prefecture by President Mori, which was being nurtured at the garden until the young trees grow strong enough for planting.

After the garden, Ambassdaor was escorted to the Kochi Prefectural Industrial Technology Center where he was welcomed by the Manager of the center, Mr. Takahiro Tsushima, the Director of Food and Beverage Development Mr. Haruhiko Uehigashi, and their staff. 12 kilograms worth of taro from FSM was brought to the Center for shochu production experiment. Ambassador was briefed on the outcome which proved to be successful and promising. Mr. Uehigashi advised that several more samples of taro and other agricultural produce may be necessary for further experiments and a thorough analysis of this shochu project.

The following day, escorted by Mr. Yamazaki, Ambassador met with the President of Kochi Shinbun Mr. Hayao Miyata. Although the president did not take part in the direct flight, he sent several of his staff and the company had been instrumental in issuing articles on Kochi-FSM relations.

After the meeting, Mr. Yamazaki invited Ambassador to the assembly of Kochi West Rotary Club which was not in the initial planning. Ambassador gave a short remark thanking the Club as some  members had taken part in the direct charter flight to Pohnpei.

The last meeting of this visit was a courtesy call on the Honorable Masanao Ozaki, the Governor of Kochi Prefecture and his Deputy Governor Mr. Iwaki. Present also at the meeting were Mr. Yamazaki and Mr. Yamamoto of Kochi-FSM Friendship Association, and several directors of the Prefectural Government who themselves had joined the direct flight. Ambassador Fritz, on behalf of President Mori, presented a certificate of friendship symbolized by the young breadfruit trees currently nurtured at the botanical garden to Governor Ozaki.

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