Dear Resident Citizens and Family Members

A warm season’s greetings to all our beloved Citizens and Family members!

This year has marked another milestone in the history of our strong and friendly relationship with Japan, reaching a quarter-of-a-century in diplomatic partnership. We are also very pleased to note that our social and economic ties with Japan are getting stronger by the years.

Together with you, our resident citizens and beloved family members, we hope to further bridge our strong bonds of Kizuna for the next 25 years to come and further more.

May the season bring you and your family members, happiness, good health, and good fortune.

Yours Truly,


John Fritz



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Celebrating Diplomatic Ties and Indenpendence Day

President Making the Speech

On November 1 (Fri), the Embassy held a reception commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Diplomatic Establishment between FSM and Japan, and also a joint commemoration of the 27th Independence Day of FSM.

The evening was filled with a mixture of diplomatic formalities and familial ambience, with high ranking representations, lively dances and music, humorous speeches, good sake, and excellent fish from FSM, all provided by the Governments, friends, and supporters. Participants were pleasantly surprised by the appearance of the Goodwill Ambassador to FSM, Mr. Takizawa Hideaki, and most especially by the presence of the Prime Minister’s wife Mrs. Akie Abe.

Many of the participants were traditional supporters and long-time friends, but a few students and families of FSM citizen residing in Japan also came to join the festivity. Some new faces, mainly from the private business sector, were present after completing the business and investment seminars which were held prior that day. Well over 600 participants joined the celebration marking it the largest reception held by the Embassy since its establishment.

Present at the reception from FSM Government was the Executive Branch headed by the President His Excellency Emanuel M. Mori, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs Honorable Lorin Robert, the Secretary of Resources and Development Honorable Marion Henry, the Secretary of Justice Honorable April Skilling, the Chief of Staff Mr. Leo Falcam Jr., the Registrar of Corporation Mr. Samari Suda, and Mr. Marcelus Akapito of President’s Office.

From the Legislative Branch, the Honorable Dohsis Halbert, Speaker of the 18th Congress, lead his delegation comprising of the Honorable Paliknoa K. Welly, the Honorable Peter Christian, the Honorable Yosiwo George, the Honorable Berney Martin, and the Honorable Wesly Semina, staffed by the Legislative Consul Mr. Tun Lam Dang.

Several weeks prior to the Reception, the Embassy held multiple events promoting the 25 Years of Diplomatic ties with Japan. Two of such events were held in collaboration with the Honorary Counsels of Osaka and Hokkaido, another event was held in Chiba where a ceremonial tree planting event took place in the presence of Secretary Lorin Robert and strong FSM supporters.

On October 31st, one day prior to the reception, the President had the opportunity to hold a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Abe, to touch base on important key issues on bilateral and regional levels and also to strengthen the existing Kizuna between Japan and FSM.









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Nippon Maru Project

Ambassador Fritz, along with Japan Far Seas Purse Seine Fishing Association Chairman Mr Akira Nakamae, and Taiyo A&F President Mr. Toshio Abe, visited Makurazaki City of Kagoshima Prefecture for the launching ceremony for the new vessel of the Nippon Maru Project.

The Project is funded by the Government of Japan, and in cooperation with the Mazkurazaki City, the vessel will operate under Taiyo Micronesia Corporation, a Joint Venture between Taiyo A&F and NFC, to supply fish to the city’s Bonito Industry. Makurazaki is well known for its fisheries industry, and this humble city of 23,638 (2010 census) in population is the largest producer of dried bonito in all of Japan.

Ambassador Fritz also had the opportunity to meet with the Mayor of Makurazaki City Mr. Tadashi Kamisono and various representatives of the Makurazaki Fishing Coop and members of the city’s Chamber of Commerce.

Representatives from FSM including NORMA and its board members, R&D, NFC visited the site for consultative meetings as well as to observe the bonito processing plants.

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Dear Resident Citizens, Family members, and Friends:

The staff of the Embassy and their families join me and my family in extending our warmest greetings of the season and wishing you all a Happy New Year! May the days to come bring you and your family members good Fortune, Peace and Prosperity!


Yours Truly,


John Fritz



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President Mori welcomes Participants to Investment Seminars

On December 11 2012, President Emanuel Mori welcomed investors in Tokyo at seminars initiated by MRA. In his welcoming remarks, the President touched on the strong Kizuna between the People and Government of Japan and FSM, and encouraged more investments assuring the audience that FSM will do all that is necessary to further prepare a safe and friendly business environment.

Accompanying the President were Secretary Lorin Robert of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Secretary Marion Henry of the Department of Resources and Development. Mr. Samari Suta of the Registrar of Corporations and Mr. Jessy Giltamag, the Insurance Commissioner also took part at the seminars as presenters.

From the Legislative, Speaker Isaac Figir, Senator Peter Christian and Senator Roger Mori were present to welcome the investors. Speaker Figir gave a toast at the concluding reception, thanking the interested business people and urged them to visit FSM.

On the side, the President visited the ancient city of Kyoto to inspect a renewable energy farm. This trip was arranged by Softbank in conjunction with the interest to look at the possibility of a joint pilot project utilizing Softbank’s renewable energy technology.

The President along with Speaker Figir and the rest of the delegation also had the opportunity to meet with representatives of Japan fisheries agencies for a frank discussion on the need to further strengthen the existing fisheries relationship.

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Vice President Alik visits Japan for International Monetary Fund – World Bank Group Annual Meeting

Heading the FSM delegation, Vice President Alik L. Alik arrived in Japan on October 9, 2012 to attend the 2012 Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund-World Bank Group held on October 10-14, 2012 in Tokyo.

The IMF-World Bank Group annual meeting’s program is designed to bring together financial leaders, policy makers and top thinkers to discuss economic and development challenges facing the world today. The interactive sessions have been organized with special emphasis on the global economy, jobs and competitiveness, the euro area, growth in Asia, global health, low-income issues, inclusive growth, and sovereign risk. More than 10,000 participants attended the meeting.

On the sidelines of the annual meetings, the Vice President held bilateral meetings with the Executive Director of IMF for Asia and Pacific and the Executive Director for the World Bank. During these meetings, Vice President took the opportunity to reiterate FSM’s appreciation for the assistances and cooperation that both institutions have extended to the FSM over the years. He went further by seeking technical and financial assistance on projects including the fiber optic cable, tax reform, and climate change, and assured them that FSM will continue to collaborate with them at the regional and bilateral level.

Vice President took the opportunity to brief them on the current situation in FSM and the upcoming Leadership Summit to be held back to back with the Donor Countries meeting in the early part of November this year, which both institutions are invited to take part.

Vice President also took the opportunity to meet with Mr. George Hara, Ambassador and Chairman of the Board, and Mr. Mikio Tanji, Executive Director, of the Alliance Forum Foundation. This Foundation was invovled  in organizing a meeting, at the sideline  of the PALM 6th,  bewteen the PIF leaders and the companies  executives  to  pave way for a closer working relationship between the Pacific island countries and the private sector leaders of Japan who are members of this Foundation. In this meeting, frank views were exchanged in light of past economic cooperation between the two countries and the prospect of future cooperation.

Vice President’s delegation comprised of Acting Secretary of Finance, Rose Nakanaga (FSM Governor to IMF and World Bank), Secretary of Transportation, Communication and Infrastructure, Francis Itimai, International Finance Coordinator (Alternate Governor), Senny Phillip, and FSM Ambassador to Japan, John Fritz.

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FSM Joins the 1st Pacific Countries Dance Festival

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As part of the ongoing reconstruction efforts in the aftermath of the March 11 disaster that struck the Northern Regions of Japan in 2011, Iwaki City of Fukushima Prefecture hosted the very 1st Pacific Countries Dance Festival on October 6th and 7th at the Onahama Port Marine Park.

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Along with Ambassador Fritz of the Tokyo Embassy, 6 performers from the Island of Pollap in Chuuk State took part in the festival. Our performers exhibited traditional dances telling the tales of how the people of Pollap through their fishing techniques and knowledge of the sea, worked hand in hand with nature and with each other for survival. Also present at the event were dancers from Samoa, Tonga, Australia and Hawaii.

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This 1st Pacific Countries Dance Festival was jointly organized alongside the 2nd Sea Food Gourmet Competition, the Iwaki Produce Expo, and the 18th Japan Soba Expo. Iwaki City officials reported that over 80,000 spectators joined the whole festivity from the neighboring areas.

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Inaugural Friendship Flight Connects Tokyo and Pohnpei

June 9th 2012 marked a historical event for the Federated States of Micronesia. On this very day, the first ever direct commercial charter on a United Airlines Flight 1864 connected FSM and Japan in less than 5 hours to commemorate the completion of the newly established Airport Terminal and the completed runway extension of the Pohnpei International Airport funded by Japan ODA.

On board this flight, coined the Inaugural Friendship Flight, were representatives from the Government of Japan led by former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, representatives of those involved in the airport construction project, leaders and strong supporters from the fisheries division, representatives from various NPOs and NGOs active in FSM-Japan relations, relatives and families of Japanese descents, and other special guests who have contributed greatly to a friendly FSM-Japan relationship, totaling 120 passengers.

On the evening of June 9th 2012, President Emanuel Mori awarded Mr. Hideaki Takizawa, a well known artist and actor, the countries first ever Certificate of a Goodwill Ambassador for FSM to Japan. On a later date, Vice President Alik Alik also welcomed 8 experts to the capital and awarded them each a Certificate of Tourism Promotion Ambassador for FSM.

The delegation enjoyed various excursions and activities prepared by the National Government and Pohnpei State Government, such as field trips to Nan Madol, cultural performances and other warm hospitalities. A portion of the passengers, including Mori sensei and groups of families with relatives in FSM moved to Chuuk, to be welcomed by the Government and People of Chuuk State.

This historic event concluded on June 13, 2012 with the return direct charter from Pohnpei International Airport to Narita International Airport on UA flight 1865.

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Student visit from Koshigaya Chuo Jr. High School

Six students from Koshigaya Chuo Junior High School of Saitama Prefecture visited the Embassy today as part of their school’s excursion curriculum. This will be the first visit by junior high school students this year. The group was warmly welcomed by Assistance Administrative Officer Matsui, Administrative Officer Kusayanagi and Economic Attaché Suenaga.

After a brief tour of our humble little mission, the group was welcomed to the conference room where they were shown a short DVD presentation of FSM, after which they were given a brief orientation by the Economic Attaché of the historic, economic, and cultural background of FSM.

The students themselves, having conducted their own preliminary research, came prepared with some tough questions which included; Why hasn’t industry develop (in FSM)? Why hasn’t FSM kept to the Gentlemen’s Agreement (in regards to Presidency)? Why is your country so dependent on import to the extent of deficit?

The session also touched on FSM-Japan relationship as well as the scheduled PALM VI that will be held in May this year. The students were also urged to take active participation in international exchange programs and to visit the islands.

After an hour long briefing, the students concluded their short visit with a photo session and took a final tour of the embassy, taking photos of island posters and handicrafts.

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FSM Congress Delegation attends the 20th Annual Conference of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) in Tokyo

Headed by Vice Speaker Berney Martin, a delegation from the FSM Congress was in Tokyo to attend the 20th Annual Conference of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary   Forum (APPF) held from 8-12 January 2012. The delegation members were comprised of Senator Joseph J. Urusemal, Senator Roger S. Mori, Senator Yosiwo P. George and Legislative Counsel Tung Lam Dang.

FSM Congress was invited in 1991 by H.E. Mr. Yasuhiro Nakasone, former Prime Minister of Japan who is currently serving as the Honorary President of APPF, and was privileged to be one of the first countries to participate in the preliminary meetings of what was to become APPF, before the forum was officially launched in 1993. Since then, the FSM Congress has been an active member of this international forum.

The overall participation of the 20th APPF was over 340 participants from 22 countries including observers. Urgent agendas such as environment, climate change and regional security were covered at the forum, among many other important issues.

On this historic occasion of the 20th Conference of the APPF, the FSM Congress is tasked with the heavy responsibility of comprising the Executive Committee for two years. The outcome of the next APPF gathering scheduled for January 2013 in Vladivostok of the Russian Federation, will surely dictate the commitment of this important role that our Congress plays.

While in Tokyo, the delegation also had the opportunity to visit the chancery to meet with staff, friends from the parliament of Japan, and supporters of FSM in a small gathering hosted by the Embassy.


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